Certified Microsoft Dynamics Solution Provider
Our expertise extends across Microsoft Dynamics 365, MS Dynamics GP & CRM, Dynamics NAV & Business Central, and Beyond.
We are a Certified Microsoft Value Added Reseller dedicated exclusively to Microsoft Dynamics products, and supported services.
Harness Business Intelligence like never before.
Go from Data to Insights in seconds. Any day, any way, anywhere.
Reduce Cap Ex Increase Bottom Line
Private Cloud & Hosting, Managed Services
Leverage Our Proven Implementation Methodology.
Rapid User Adaptation with Microsoft's Familiar User Interface
Increase efficiency inside of sales processes.
Enterprise-Level CPQ Solution
Manufacture complex products faster.


Create a New Support Case

To open a Support Case, you may


Send your support request via email to [email protected] 

Support Form

Submit a  Web Request

Phone Support

  • Jeffrey Buongiorno:
    800-929-3084 ext 406
  • David Salerno:
    201-460-8066 Ext 1

Customers with current maintenance agreements have unlimited email/telephone and system update support.

Support Process Overview

  • Contact us by email, web form, or phone.
  • Within 1 business day, a Team Member  will contact you directly via email/phone to gather more information, and if necessary schedule a time to meet online.
  • We strive to solve all cases  in 1-2 business days excluding scheduled updates andsoftware enhancement requests.

Support Availability

  • Technical support engineers are available from 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern time.
  • Other times may be scheduled in advance.

System Updates

  • Due to differences in solution architectures, we recommend our assistance to perform updates.
  • To request an update, email [email protected] .

Builds, Versions and Releases

We release multiple updates each year, on a quarterly cycle. Each  CPQ release is identified by a version and build number. Authorized Customers may request release notes and versioning by emailing [email protected]

Customers are encouraged to stay on current versions of the product to take advantage of new features and improvements. For customers on older versions for which support has expired, Experlogix will make reasonable efforts to provide patches for reported issues that are critical in nature.

We encourage our clients to stay current on versions so that end users expeirence the most current application. Typically our standard support policy is to provide patches and upgrades to the two most current versions. 

Microsoft Dynamics Support Policy

  • When a new version of a supported Dynamics product is released, We will will provide support for the new version at the time of release or within 45 days after.
  • Maintenace and Support will align with Microsoft's supported version schedule for Dynamics Business Central

Partner Hosted Environment Management

General Maintenance

To ensure optimal performance, security and stability, We performs regular routine maintenance and patching on our provate hosted infrastructure. Our suprt team will contact you 7 days in advance, if an update is expected to impact your  system..

Data Backups

We pefrom daily backups of all customer data stored on our private hosted servers. This includes all published modeling data, each portal/website and all associated, images, templates and customization packages

Backups occur daily.We store nine (9) backups based on the following schedule:

  • The last five  (5) consecutive daily backups.
  • The last four (4) consecutive weekly  backups.

 All backup data  is encrypted and stored in redundant offsite data centers within the United States to protect against possible local disasters.

All other backups are purged daily.

ConfigureNow! User Guide

You might be able to resolve your ConfigureNow issues with our user guide.

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Monthly Webinars

Each month, we offer fifteen-minute webinars on topics of key interest to ERP/CRM professionals in formal and nonformal settings that will help raise the bar on the quality of their solution architectures, expand the scope and reach of these solutions, explore key interest within our industries, and improve the way we do client relations within our implementations. For a snapshot of past presentations and topics check out our past webinars!

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